Wraithforged By S. M. Boyce

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Wraithforged (The Wraithblade Saga Book 2) By S. M. Boyce


Book/Novel Author: S. M. Boyce

Book/Novel Title: Wraithforged



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Outlaw. Assassin. Aspiring warlord. Connor Magnuson’s been called many names, but which of them are true?Through his connection to the Wraith King, Connor has access to far more power than he realizes. His shadow blades give him the strength of a god, granting him the limitless potential of a man with no equal.But no matter what good Connor does, the people still fear him. Even those he saves run screaming in his overwhelming presence. He wields the sort of power people unite to destroy, and word of his growing abilities spreads fast. In the north, Teagan Starling rallies the most fearsome army in Saldia, hoping to destroy the new Wraithblade before the man can master his gifts. Despite Connor’s noble deeds, despite all the good he has done, the world fears him. They always will. To protect his home, his friends, and his family, he must embrace the Wraith King’s bloodstained legacy and truly become power incarnate.Hell itself is on the warpath. When it reaches Connor, he will do what he has always done—look Death in the eye and draw his swords to face it.
This is a fun series with an Interesting twist on magic. Can’t wait for the next book in the series.
This is really been an enjoyable series to read. Twists and turns around every bend. I really like the fact that our hero is human and has to make difficult decisions. He is faced with incredible foes and yet somehow succeeds. I can’t wait for the next one.
I had a hard time putting the book down. I love the characters in this book. The build up for the battles is great. Looking forward to the next one.
An enjoyable reading time! Well worth the time and cost of reading! I have to say this is as good to better than the first book! Definitely will be picking up book 3 when it comes out. No complaints about the writing, characters or storyline. Overall well done novel enjoyable reading and worth the price of time and cost to purchase!
Great read! All the action the fighting, internal and external. Writing on par with David Gemmel! Can’t wait for the next book!!!


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4.9/5309 ratings