Wrangler 3 By Hondo Jinx

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Wrangler 3 (The Wrangler Saga) By Hondo Jinx


Book/Novel Author: Hondo Jinx

Book/Novel Title: Wrangler 3

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JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF TARDOON… When a beloved friend is captured by centaurs, Braddock needs gold… fast. So he and a team of wives, friends, and mercenaries explore the dungeon beneath his home, hunting the Lost Treasure. But this deadly labyrinth is no mere dungeon. This is the Dragons’ Conundrum, a thousand-year-old test. Can Braddock become the next Master of Dragons?Warning: This series contains adult themes, explicit scenes, graphic violence, undefined relationships/harem, and a strong male protagonist with the rough and ready attitude of an American frontiersman.Read at your own risk.

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