Wrath By Ella James

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Wrath: An Enemies to Lovers MM Sports Romance Standalone By Ella James


Book/Novel Author: Ella James

Book/Novel Title: Wrath



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From USA Today Bestseller Ella James comes an addictive, enemies-to-lovers MM romance that readers are calling one of the best love stories of the year. It’s true, I’m keeping secrets. But I just found out one of his… My new stepbrother is insufferable. You’d think it wouldn’t matter since I won’t be here for long, but this guy gets under my skin like no one ever has. All-American, baby-faced, blue-eyed band dork and star soccer player. Everything about him is the picture of perfection—unlike me. I don’t think Do Gooder knows I’m starting senior year late. And he definitely doesn’t know why. I’ve got secrets I’m taking with me to the grave.Everyone thinks I moved to my dad’s small town to play varsity football, but I’ve got other plans, and DG’s trying to thwart them all. He’s making my life worse than it already is. Having him around is a damn plague. But I can fight back. I found out a little secret about Mr. Perfect. He plays for the “other” team. That ball bat he’s got stuffed into his gray sweatpants—it swings “that” way. The best part about this twisted game is when I find out it gets hard for me.The Do Gooder…he wants me. I don’t know why. But I know how to make him pay.–* This story is emotional and so romantic, but it has some dark parts. Triggers include mental health struggles, trauma, abuse, drug use, and some themes that may be difficult for LGBTIQA+ readers struggling with faith issues. All these things are handled as gently as possible.Read more
Christ, does the blurb about this book do absolutely nothing to prepare you for the story you’re about read. I’m a little upset and I feel so mislead.Don’t get me wrong, this is one of the best male for male books I’ve ever read.But, you are no where near prepared for where this book will take you. I kid you not, I stayed up all night reading because of the emotional toll this book takes on you. It’s definitely one of the best gay romance books I’ve ever read, but maybe redo the summary.
This book is a maximum angst roller coaster and I loved every moment of it. It’s heart-wrenching, sweet, and so beautiful.The first part begins as a bully romance and is absolute fire. Ezra and Miller’s chemistry builds quickly and is phenomenal. Their love is so sincere, sweet, and relatable.The second part literally feels like the floor opens up on you and you’re free falling. It’s devastating and gut-wrenching and you’re cursing Ella for doing this to your poor tattered nerves and wounded heart. Get some wine or a pet to cuddle and hang in there because…The last part of the book is so very satisfying. Too often books wrap up too quickly at the end, but I love that Ella gave us the extended resolution we deserve after what she put us through.“He’s the most beautiful guy I’ve ever seen in real life, and I hate it.”“Never jump,” I whisper.“Never fall.” His lips brush my back.
I think this is probably the lowest review I’ve ever left for a book I, not only finished, but “liked”.So why the negative review? Because the ‘warnings’ were not strong enough. This book looked and advertised like a raunchy romance drama. I’ve read lots of books with trigger warnings and they’re never as bad as I expect because authors usually over-prepare readers for really heavy/dark stuff. This author failed spectacularly at that.The quirky step-bro love story, with hints of internalized homophobia, and a dash of past drama I thought I was opening up was only the first part of the book.As soon as they start a nice sweet happily ever after, the author opened up the food gates of one bad thing after another slamming these kids into the dirt. I had to keep putting the book down and taking breaks because it was too heavy and too dark. The dramatic elements of this book easily could have been broken into several stories so we didn’t have to feel so desperately bad for these two young people.Now, despite all of that, IF you’re looking for a very dark, tragic, depressing love story… this is for you. The writing is great, the steamy scenes are sweet, and they do eventually get a happily ever after. Eventually.
As someone who has struggled to accept their own sexuality and someone who deals with anxiety and depression, this story hit me in the heart more than any others have in a long time. The characters are really deep and I felt pulled into the story so much. The most surprising part: for all the trigger warnings at the beginning, I feel surprisingly whole after finishing this. My mind is reeling for the characters, but it’s written in a way that turns things positive and process-able. If that makes sense. Totally worth every minute of reading.
I went into this book blind. I didn’t know anything about it. Marie recommended a couple of books to me and it was at the top of the list so I just dove in. A little ways in I finally looked at the title which included: bully, MM sports romance. Bully was like a light bulb off in my head.. It explained why I was enjoying it so much. I always avoid the sports romances because I’m not into sports and kinda cringed at the thought of sports in romance but it actually wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating it to be. This was actually my first MM romance read besides a beta read but I’ve always been curious. It was hot. The mention of forearms, hands and Adam’s apples just had me drooling . But it wasn’t just hot, I’m sure you could tell from my stories that this was also super emotional. Queer romance with the struggles for acceptance and this was to a tragic extreme. My heart hurts just thinking about it.“ ’ . ? , . ’ . ’ .“Josh is the sweetest fcking human in this whole world. He’s so good. Ezra , my angry angel,is so mad at the world and has a right to be. His story is tragic. I was sad after he started telling his story but I couldn’t stop crying after the voicemails. I literally cried at everything! The sad, sweet, happy and funny moments, everything. After that point it was over for me. They are engraved in my heart forever. For infinity ❤️“ , . ’ . … ? ’ , ?”
I loved the honesty in the characters. This was not an easy read, but it covered a lot of territory. It portrayed how badly the LGBTQ community is treated by various religions and how so many people think being gay is a choice. Pray the gay away is cruel, and should never be allowed. Don’t parents realize that the creation of life is a crapshoot? You get what you get. Be grateful if your children are healthy!


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