Wrath of the Dragon 4 By Eric Vall

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Wrath of the Dragon 4 By Eric Vall


Book/Novel Author: Eric Vall

Book/Novel Title: Wrath of the Dragon 4



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I was just getting used to being hailed as the Dragon King of Dracoria. Then fire demons started crossing the treacherous voids left behind by the gods, and all Hell broke loose.The question is, why and how did they manage it?It’s time to venture to the most chaotic and smoldering land we’ve ever visited, but this trip isn’t just a homecoming for my fire angel. It’s a chance to upgrade Cyra’s powers entirely.And since she’s eternally bound to me, my status as Dragon King is about to get a serious celestial upgrade.
Yet another good book form Eric Vall. I have been looking forward to this book. I really enjoy this series and now I will just have to wait for the next book.
This series is a fun quick read, with well developed characters. Action happens quickly but with enough back plot to keep you interested!! Well worth your time and or your money!
Great stories. Th demon lord needs to be BBQed. Keep up this story line. It got legs. And angles. Lol
Though ryan is a dragon god, there were some instances with sentences he said about the angels, that kinda made me think that he should have been named Charlie as in Charlies angels. Hope the next one to upgrade their powers in the next book to be both nisha and brooke and for ryan to get ruby bound. Hope it comes out soon.
Just recently picked this series up and binged all 4 books in a few days. Can’t wait for more, great work Eric!
I have enjoyed this continued action pack and sexy adventure of Ryan the Dragon King and four beautiful angel girlfriends.


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4.9/5309 ratings