Wretched By Emily McIntire

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Wretched (Never After Series) By Emily McIntire


Book/Novel Author: Emily McIntire

Book/Novel Title: Wretched



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Once Upon A Time, there was a wicked girl.She lost everything that mattered,causing darkness to unfurl.Impulsive and intelligent,she helped her family name grow strong.But then one day a man without a heart came along.An undercover agent, meant to spy and bring back tips.Following down her hidden path of faded yellow bricks.She hated him, he wanted her;she was too good to be true.But a woman can be great…and terrible too.** Wretched is a dark, contemporary romance (not fantasy or a retelling) and the third complete standalone in The Never After Series: A collection of fractured fairy tales inspired by our favorite villains. It features mature themes and content that may not be suitable for all readers. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.*
Y’all this is a spicy spicy book & it was such a good one! I don’t think I have read a book where the female MC is the morally grey character & I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it but I am here for it! This is Enemies to Lovers in every kind. The Banter was so good. The spice was SPICY. I loved watching the two MCs come together and was so anxious to see how this was going to work out. The little Wizard of Oz throw ins brought it to the top! I love all of that.This story is about a one night stand turned into more. Nick, a super hot, undercover federal agent gets tasked to spy on Evie & her drug lord family. Evie is the misunderstood, dark, no morals character & Nick is your loyal, charming, loving, good cop character. They go through a lot of change throughout the book & the ending was everything.If you love a good dark, spicy, romance here is one for you! I have enjoyed this series by Emily so much.Read this if you like:Enemies To LoversBanterSPICEDarker RomanceWizard Of Oz.
Tell me you are mine…..oh how we just suck in that breath when we read those lines and this book does not disappoint when we read it in this one. I could not put this book down, this third book is right up there with Hooked and honestly, I think I need to read Hooked again to figure out which one I liked better.Eveline is such a villain but man, you root for her from the start and honestly, that’s so much credit to the author. She has so many walls up when when she meets Nicholas, he slowly brings each one down while he’s also trying to come to the facts that he may be falling for a person who does the very thing he despises.
“But if I’m her calm, then she is my chaos, and if I can’t live with her forever, then I don’t want to live at all.”Wretched is the third book in the Never After series of fractured fairytales and this one was dark, darker than the previous so be prepared for one disturbing ride.“You don’t have to trust me, Eveline. But words are your safe space, the same way that they’re mine.” My fingers thread through his hair. “Let me be your calm in the chaos, pretty girl.”Eveline and Nick’s story was suspenseful, dark and twisted, deadly with so much scorching chemistry from the hate of each other, that at times I had to fan myself from the heat. This book will have addicted to the story you will battle yourself to put it down but in the end Emily has given us another amazing story in this UNPUTDOWNABLE series!
I truly like this story. I love the reversed aspect. The FMC was a strong villain. Nick is so perfect for her. They’re very balanced.
I would like to personally sign over my entire being to Emily Mcintire.Hooked? PhenomenalScarred? To die forWretched? Stick a fork in me, I am DONE.Emily Mcintire has proven time and again that she doesn’t miss. I can’t believe I ever even questioned whether I would like Wretched as much as Hooked and Scarred because of the addition of a female villain to the Never After Series, instead of my usual fave morally grey alpha holes.Emily gave us a strong, sexy, powerful, dominate MMC in Nick, and a stronger, sexier, more powerful, more dominate FMC in Eveline. These two are constantly trying to best each other and end up bettering each other. Our tin man finds his heart. Our wicked witch finds her peace. And they do it all with that big switch energy.The Never After Series has feature some of my favorite spice of any romance novels, and Wretched is no different. In fact, did someone mistake the cayenne for chili powder, because I am sweating. The bathroom. The table. The everywhere. Someone get this elder emo a zantac, because this spice got spicier. And what limb do I have to sell to get myself a good boy like Nick?Eveline. Oh Eveline. I adore the. My love for her is immeasurable and that isn’t just because y’all said that she reminds you of me, but holy gods does that feel good on my ego. She is a monster with a heart of gold and her internal struggles and trauma feel all too real. Every time she wasn’t heard or respected, every time she was misjudged or undermined, I felt that in my mind body and soul. She may be the morally gray villain of the story, but she is still a strong female character that is relatable as fvck to any woman out there that fighting to be taken seriously.And then there is Nick. Nicholas. Oh boy. A golden retriever, morally solid, cinnamon roll with a mouth on him that will make your mother’s, mother’s, mother turn over in her grave. Boy howdy. I just.. yeah that is literally all I can say about Nick right now because I am PARCHED.In short, read it. Go on. Get.
She murdered this book.(in a good way)Possible Spoilers!This is probably 1st place with Hooked now. ..-Female Villain-Enemies to lovers-Forbidden-Drugs-Gang-Good cop/bad bia-So hot We all have that little green witch inside just begging to fly…. Eveline the Fmc is the ultimate bad girl that tries with all her little might to hate the new guy that her dad hired. Nicholas or Brayden as he goes undercover to infiltrate Eveline dads drug world in Kinland.The Banter and Tension is chefs kiss .Eveline is the grower of poppy flowers for her dad’s shady biz like the lil witchy potions bebe she is. Income NICK who turns her whole world upside down and calms her lil green chaos. (She is unhinged and her lil dog loves it).”Pretty girl.””Good boy.”“You’re in my bubble.” He lifts a brow. “Your bubble?” Waving my hand between us, I attempt to push him back.“This is my bubble, dog. And you’re in it.” “Maybe I like your bubble.”He leans into me, my palms the only thing separating his body from brushing against mine.“It’s cozy. Tight.”Flying monkeys, wizard of oz, wicked vibes.Read it.


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