You & Me By Tal Bauer

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You & Me: An M|M Single Dads Romance By Tal Bauer


Book/Novel Author: Tal Bauer

Book/Novel Title: You & Me



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A single dads, friends-to-lovers, bi awakening MM Romance.We’re a puzzle made of two pieces.Landon Larsen is the envy of all the dads in Last Waters, Texas. He’s cool, confident, and put together. He and his son—the high school’s all-star quarterback—have the perfect father-son relationship. He’s such a Super Dad, it’s almost sickening.I’m not cool, or confident, and my relationship with my son couldn’t be worse. He’s barely speaking to me, and a year after my wife died, we’re both clinging to the wreckage of our family.Landon’s son and mine are best friends and—of course—Landon is the football Team Dad. And though I know nothing about football, Landon convinces me to volunteer to be closer to my son. Volunteering might give him and me a chance to rebuild what’s broken between us. Now I’m spending all my free time with the team—and with Landon—and the more we’re together, the deeper our friendship grows. My son is opening up, too, little by little. I think I’m getting him back.There’s just one giant problem.I’m head over heels for Landon.I’ve never been attracted to men in my life… until him. Landon draws me in without even trying, and the harder I fight this, the deeper I fall.Crushing on my son’s best friend’s father must be my biggest parenting failure ever, but I can’t get enough of Landon. Falling for him puts each fragile moment I’ve rebuilt with my son at risk. What would he think if he knew I craved his best friend’s dad? I’m playing with fire, but I can’t turn off these feelings Landon has unlocked inside of me.Of course, a guy like Landon could never fall for someone like me. It’s pointless to even imagine we could be something together. So why did I just kiss him?***You & Me is a single dads, friends-to-lovers, bi awakening MM romance, full of dads and their exasperating teenage sons, high school sports shenanigans, and #FoundFamily. Come for the epic love, stay for the forever feels.
I love all Tal Bauer’s books. He is a wonderfully talented author who can grab hold your attention in the first chapter and keep it throughout the book. I love the MCs Luke and Landon. Their complexities which unravel as the story moves along are some of the best storytelling I have read. Not all books have to be about the sexy and exciting moments and that’s why I liked this book. Highly recommend.
Tal Bauer’s stories never fail to leave me breathless by their end. You & Me kept to the pattern. It’s a story of self- awakening and found family. The teenage sons are full characters in the story, which I fully appreciated. The passages that described the self awareness of falling in love were my favorites. This is a comfort read that is beautifully written.
A great read with fleshed out characters you really can care about. A good, solid romance story without all the tired tropes. Some twists, some surprises, and remarkably low angst. Definitely recommended!
When I first opened this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d been told it was one of the least-angsty books Tal Bauer has written and after having been emotionally devastated (in the best way) by some of his previous books, I was curious.The first few pages broke my heart and made me hurt so badly for Luke. I was starting to wonder if someone had tricked me. But as the story progressed, I fell in love with Luke and Landon and their boys and I realized what everyone was talking about.The story between these two men is beautiful and it progressed so naturally. The respect they had for each other took my breath away and by the end, I was smiling and crying over my coffee. I stayed up reading until I physically could not keep my eyes open anymore, then immediately grabbed my Kindle to finish it as soon as I woke up this morning.Tal Bauer has a way of crafting such memorable, empathetic characters. Luke, Landon, and their sons burrowed their way into my heart so fast I didn’t even realize it was happening. ‘You and Me’ has already been added to my mental ‘comfort reads’ list because I know I’ll be reading this one again (probably fairly soon).
This was such a beautiful story!!I liked: how main couple started building their path and their children theirs, I liked they all grow together and growing is not easy at all, so that felt very real.I didn’t like: too many football references and descriptions, I would’ve liked there were few since I’m not a sports fan, so I kinda skipped those parts.I loved: the ending *chef kiss*
I expected a light fluffy story. Read it in one night. On to three next. No. There was so much more top this story. The soul searching. The hidden secrets we all believe np once could hear and still live us. “If they know they won’t love me.” “It’s all my fault” Those things were tell us that keep us from living life. This is a beautiful story of slowing someone in. Of letting go of your fears. Grabbed my heart and ripped it right out of my chest. I need a glass of wine.


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