Your Broom or Mine? By RobynPeterman

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Your Broom or Mine?: Magic and Mayhem Book Eight By RobynPeterman


Book/Novel Author: RobynPeterman

Book/Novel Title: Your Broom or Mine?

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What’s a Tree Sprite to do when she’s stumped?Get to the root of the problem, of course.Only I wood get stuck in a tree with the Warlock I love camped out next to it mea-culpa-ing for being a turdwaffle for the last decade. What should I do about it?Umm… stay in the tree and enjoy the show. Location: Assjacket, West Virginia (Who in their right mind named this town?)Mission: Get out of the tree and dropkick the Warlock who forgot to mention he was in love with me until I was stuck in a tree.Obstacles: Just about everything… crazy foul mouthed witches, accident-prone shifters and a musical production of Jaws. The Problem: A vicious Slug shifter who will do anything to ruin my future.The Solution: With a little luck, a whole bunch of salt, a pinch of magic and the help of my certifiable new buddies, I might just survive long enough to put down some new roots.And if the journey in the woods gets too crazy? Not a problem. I’ll just branch out and take the psycho-path.

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