Zombie City By Charlie Dalton

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Zombie City By Charlie Dalton


Book/Novel Author: Charlie Dalton

Book/Novel Title: Zombie City

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**To fight the dead, you’ve gotta be dead.**
When the virus breaks out, the government reacts fast, locking down an entire city.
The military are sent in to sweep the undead aside so we might begin rebuilding once more.
But there’s a problem.
There are no zombies on the streets, no reanimated corpses lurking in the shadows. No one. Anywhere.
Someone orchestrated a trap and the military walked right into it.
A single soldier survived.
Tommy is the first of a new breed called Walkers. Half-human, half-zombie. An outcast on both sides.
When a sinister force attempts to spread the virus beyond the city’s borders, legendary hero Colonel Maxwell offers him a mission.
Form a new special unit called the Death Squad and find those responsible before the military wipes the city off the map.
Fail, and they die a second time in Zombie City. This time, for good.
You will love Zombie City, the first pulse-pounding post-apocalyptic thriller in the Death Squad series.
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